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Mission Statement


Pari Kaloust Foundation, Inc. upholds the view that arts and culture combat against social stagnation. Only through artistic enrichment can we evolve and manifest toward an educated and enlightened society. As such, our values fundamentally hinge on three key principles; protecting, preserving, and promoting the appreciation of arts, culture, and education.


Our vision is to produce a series of events featuring artists who have triumphed in the face of opposition and established immense success in their respective fields. In doing so, we hope to inspire our viewing audience to partake in theatre, music and fine arts. We also envision producing annual award shows that unite various forms of artistic expression and strengthen communal respect toward cultural heritage. We intend to recognize and commend the determination and perseverance of up-and-coming artists and their valuable contributions.


The purpose of this non-profit corporation is to serve and enhance our community at large. Our efforts are aimed at cultivating and enriching the lives of individuals in various segments of society through arts, culture and education.

Arthur Kokozian

CEO Founder of Pari Kaloust Foundation Inc.


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